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The Therapy protocol and Costs

Therapy Protocol 

The therapy is for a approximate period of 32 days to 40 days. Its for 8 to 10 sessions. Each session has a time frame of 4 days each.

Once you decide to start your therapy, the protocol will be as under

1. You will have to purchase a bottle made of borosilicate. 

2. Once you receive the bottle, you will have to rinse it and fill it with drinking water. 

3. You will need to send a picture of yourself holding the bottle in hand. ( a full length picture, head to toe) - please inform your immediate family that you will be sharing your picture so.

4. The water in the bottle will be entrained by the Physician, Energy Medicine and the dosage sent to you.

5. Dosage will mean - that you consciously have the number of sips of water specified in the dosage - "n" number of times a day 

6. You will be advised of the number of days you will need to have the above dosage until the next re - entrainment. 

6. During the complete course of therapy -  you will in addition to  the dosages sips from the bottle , only drink water only from this bottle.

7. You have to drink only the entrained water - you are not to drink any other water.

8. Whenever the bottle gets empty, you could refill the bottle and the water will re-entrain itself.


a. Please note the therapy protocol mandates your re -sending your picture on the date specified along with your dosage for re-entrainment. The therapy will be terminated if the picture is not received on the prescribed day as advised

b. Please be clear that you will give your therapy top priority. 

Therapy Costs 

There are no costs to under going therapy other than the cost of the borosilicate bottle the client purchases and the clients resolve to do the therapy in its entirety and enable a therapeutic change in him or her .

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