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Energy Medicine Research Foundation

The àCqua therapy & Inhimmunizer 


The  'Inhimmunizer' based on the Foundations àCqua therapy involves the Physician; Energy Medicine connecting to the clients biological information to arrive at a genetic response to pathogens & variants, which is entrained to the vial, thereby changing the molecular structure of purified water contained in the vial to a medicinal substance - the Inhimmunizer, the drinking of the same and its absorption by the body enabling preventive or active measure against the current pathogen & variants  tailored to the client's individual needs and risk.

Two doses are prescribed of the Inhimmunizer ( Inhibitor + Immunizer )  - each vial containing one dose  to be taken orally . The first dose is  subsequently followed by the second dose taken orally after 72 hours, The Inhimmunizer is completely harmless as it is drug free and not known to have side effects. The Inhimmunizer does not involve medical treatment in the conventional sense.

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Why the need for an Inhimmunizer ?

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