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Energy Medicine Research Foundation

The àCqua therapy 


Energy Medicine Research Foundation's  àCqua therapy has the efficacy as a therapy  ( alternative &  complementary medicine) to manage any Dis-ease / Dis-order.  More often the cause being eliminated or symptoms reduced. Some dis-orders and dis-ease cannot be reversed / cured in the sense that it will go away and never return but they can be managed. The therapy has aided as an alternative & complementary treatment to good outcomes in most dis-eases / dis-orders.  A few specifics include Alzheimer’s, Autism, Allergies, Cancer, Food Intolerance, Lupus, Lipoma, Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Retinitis pigmentosa, Schizophrenia, Substance Dependence.

The therapy involves the Physician; Energy Medicine connecting to the clients biological genome* and affects*** of epigenetics** to arrive at a selective genetic response ( a epigenetic reprogramming code to activate / repress / regulate  gene expression) to the dis-ease / dis-order which is entrained****  to the container / bottle containing the water, thereby changing the molecular structure of water contained in the bottle  to a medicinal substance - the drinking of the same and its absorption by the body i.e. 'the human cell" enabling a therapeutic change  tailored to the client's individual needs and risk. 

The àCqua therapy is  completely harmless as it is drug free and not known to have side effects. The 'aCqua therapy' does not involve medical treatment in the conventional sense.


*genome is the complete set of genetic information in an organism. It provides all of the information the organism requires to function

 **Epigenetics - is a mechanism that regulates gene expression and is a reversible system

** affects -  as in something is altered or influenced i.e. that signifies a change to something as against 'effects'- which means the outcome that occurs after a cause i.e. end result of a cause 

****entrained -  In the context of àCqua therapy the word means  a selective genomic response " carried along into a different substance i.e. the human cell"

What Happens When Mainstream Medicine Lacks a Diagnosis or Cure?

Undiagnosed diseases are more common than we think. Many suffer from dis-eases & disorders that cannot be named.  For many, the symptoms are minor. But in some cases, patients come to their doctors with serious problems caused by dis-eases & dis-orders that defy medical knowledge. Their suffering may take different forms, but their stories share a common thread: Neither they or their families know what is actually causing these issues nor does main stream medication. 

The àCqua therapy (alternative / complementary medicine) does not delve into specifics but overall wellness. When the Physician; Energy Medicine connects to the clients biological information through the person's energy framework - the response received helps the Physician derive intuitively a genetic response to the dis-ease / dis-order which the person is suffering from which is then  entrained to the container / bottle , thereby changing the molecular structure of water contained in the bottle to a medicinal substance, the drinking of the same and its absorption by the body  enabling a therapeutic change tailored to the client's individual needs and risk.

The Entrained àCqua therapy provides something less tangible, too. Living with a disease without a name can be its own kind of suffering - the person feeling all by themselves and that nobody understands them.  For such persons the àCqua therapy offers not only hope — for treatment, but also for finally being seen to be suffering from a dis-ease/ dis-order unknown. 

The possibility of treatment gives a sense of optimism that’s largely been missing sometimes for decades in the persons life and a little bit of improvement in the condition let's the person focus on the future, too.

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