Entrained Water Therapy 
The Study & therapy Protocol 

This modality requires a deeper explanation as also an understanding by the client.

“Everything in the universe is energy. We may appear as solid matter but looks can be deceiving. If we magnify our cells down to atoms it can be seen that we are made up of subtle energy fields and not matter. 

The cellular memory is the complete blue print for our existence. Cellular memory is such that if dissected every point contains all the information of the whole. This memory / information is infinitely accessible to each and every cell of your body.If we magnify the human cells down to atoms, we would see that we are made up of subtle bundles of "info-energy "

Most of the ill health , unwellness ,  disease occurs when a cell or cells in our bodies lose their memory / info energy - " a low frequency vibrational energy level" now termed as 'LFVE' and thereby fail to function as is normal or become rogue and behave abnormal.


They also then have the ability to infect the nearby cells and make them lose memory , thereby multiplying and infecting more cells leading to a health condition , unwellness and disease . The cells also lose their ability to access the information from the whole to regain memory and thereby regain function.


This leads to a situation of incurable diseases or some which keep recurring also with mainstream medical intervention.

The Entrained water therapy combines three different processes to reverse the above 

- In the first stage, the physician resonates with the clients energies signatures thereby accessing the memory / info energy  of the whole and entrains the same to a container giving it a physical dimension.The same is also enhanced so it is at a higher frequency vibrational energy level than the clients existing energy levels.This energy now termed as 'HFVE'. The container is given to the client. 

- In the second stage, the physician asks the client to pour any potable water into the container and only drink water from it. The memory / enhanced vibrational energy entrained into the container is transfused into the water.Water serves as a transporter of  the memory / higher frequency vibrational energy throughout the body, carried by blood and bodily fluids, it is the means by which this vibrational energy is circulated throughout the body. 

- In the third stage ,body takes over the process.As the water circulates the "HFVE" in the body  -The cells which have lost their memory and posses a 'LFVE' resonate with the 'HFVE'and following the law of physics starts to vibrate at the Higher Frequency Vibrational energy completing the transfusion of the Memory back to the cell and healing begins.


The cell takes time to regain the normal function - sometimes to a level which is not optimal but to a point that it regresses the onset of the terminal disease or takes it to remission or manages the chronic disease and in some cases completely cure the ill health , unwellness ,  disease.  

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