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The need for an Inhibitor + Immunizer

As pathogens replicate, there is an opportunity for a mutation to occur. Some of the resulting variants risk eroding the effectiveness of vaccines. The affliction pattern by the current pathogen figures as an unknown as its difficult to predict
whom it would afflict as its based in genomics.
There are two things to consider. 
The  incubation period (the time between exposure to virus and onset of disease) extends from the time of implantation through the phase of dissemination, ending when pathogen replication in the target organs causes disease. Disease occurs only if the virus replicates sufficiently to damage essential cells directly, to cause the release of toxic substances from infected tissues, to damage cellular genes or to damage organ function indirectly as a result of the host immune response to the presence of pathogen antigens.
And the response of the body to the presence of the pathogen. It can take several days or weeks for the body to make and use all the pathogen fighting tools needed to get over the infection.

Thus the inference is that a dual course of treatment is required at the same time with two agents. 
1. An inhibitor to delay the onset, or if onset has occurred to prevent the spread. 
2. And an immunizer to accelerate the body's immune quick response in the form of antibodies to the pathogen , by triggering a false memory of adaptive immunity to lead an enhanced response to a current or future encounter with the pathogen

A dual mode of response, Inhibitor + Immunizer  ensures higher efficacy and resistance barrier with respect to a pathogen also shortening the time frame to achieve the sustained virologic response. Energy Medicine's Inhimmunizer based on the àCqua therapy achieves this response

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