Energy Medicine Research Foundation

The Entrained aCqua therapy &
manageable diseases / disorders


Energy Medicine Research Foundation's Entrained aCqua therapy has the efficacy as a complementary & alternative therapy to manage any Disease / Disorder.  More often the cause being eliminated or symptoms reduced. Some disorders and disease cannot be reversed / cured in the sense that it will go away and never return but they can be managed. The therapy has aided as an alternative treatment to good outcomes in most diseases / disorders.  A few specifics include Alzheimer’s, Autism, Allergies, Cancer, Food Intolerance, Lupus, Lipoma, Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Retinitis pigmentosa, Schizophrenia, Substance Dependence.

The therapy involves the Physician; Energy Medicine connecting to the clients biological information to arrive at a genetic response to the disease / disorder which is entrained to the container / bottle , thereby changing the molecular structure of water contained in the bottle to a medicinal substance, the drinking of the same and its absorption by the body  enabling a therapeutic change tailored to the client's individual needs and risk.

The duration of the therapy is for 32 days, with the dosage for drinking the water prescribed every four days.  The treatments are  completely harmless as they are drug free and not known to have side effects. The Entrained aCqua therapy does not involve medical treatment in the conventional sense.

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