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Energy medicine therapies

Practitioners can tailor healing plans to incorporate elements of both Ādyā and Ātmī healing, ensuring that the individual’s unique needs are met at every stage of their journey.

Assessing the individual's current state and specific needs is crucial. Some may benefit more from starting with emotional and subconscious work, while others might be ready for a deeper spiritual focus.

Ultimately, the individual's comfort and resonance with each healing method should guide the decision. Personal intuition and preference play a significant role in the effectiveness of any healing process.


Apa healing

Acqua therapy

A non-invasive and drug-free approach, that alters the molecular structure of water through entrainment. The therapy aims to eliminate the root cause and/or reduce symptoms, with no known side effects.

Tailored to each individual's specific genetic information, acqua therapy provides highly personalized treatment. This therapy not only targets physical health but also prioritizes holistic wellness, supporting psychological and emotional well-being.

The therapy, in particular, offers hope and empowerment to individuals with undiagnosed conditions and challenging health issues, enhancing overall well-being. 
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In the process of Entrainment, the healer aligns their energy with universal energy, establishing resonance with the patient's energy field to harmonize their energy and initiate healing. Vibrations and vibrational energy influence the body at a cellular level, facilitating the movement of energy and guiding the patient toward a state of healthy equilibrium. This addresses cellular imbalances, nurturing the body's capacity to restore balance and enhance wellness.

Consequently, after the energy movement facilitated by entrainment, cellular memory undergoes a reset. This entails the reconfiguration of cellular patterns and information, enabling the release of old or stagnant energy patterns and the integration of new, harmonious frequencies. Cellular memory is refreshed, promoting greater alignment with the body's natural state of balance and vitality. This process supports the healing journey by facilitating profound shifts at the cellular level, promoting optimal health and well-being.


Aum healing

Cell restoration 

This therapy focuses on the restoration of a diseased cell within its native anatomical location in the human body. Developed by Dr Amit Kalyanji in 2019, in specific to treat genetic diseases and acquired diseases. 

Initially, the patient's specific cellular and tissue environment is assessed by the physician using biofeedback during Anunada healing. This biofeedback helps the physician develop personalised interventions that are transferred as vibrations to the molecular structure of water. These vibrations either stimulate the body's natural repair mechanisms or directly repair the diseased cells by correcting genetic defects or rectifying dysfunctional cellular processes using the Apa healing method. Additionally, the vibrations carried in the water create a supportive micro-environment to facilitate the restoration of normal cell function. When the water is taken as a dosage, it is absorbed by the body and delivered precisely to the affected site, ensuring minimal disruption to surrounding tissues. Constant biofeedback monitors and tracks the restoration progress and makes necessary adjustments, ensuring the cell's function is fully restored in its native anatomical location.


Smriti marjita

Selective memory erasure

This therapy  offers the miracle of erasing memories in a single session. With the consent and readiness of the patient the Smriti marjita therapy is aimed at eliminating unwanted long-term memories, especially traumatic ones.


Post-treatment, the foundation offers 28-day support to ensure the prevention of memory recurrence.


Āhāra amarṣa

Food intolerance elimination

Food allergy triggers immediate inflammation, while food intolerance, affects the digestive system with delayed reactions. It results from metabolic dysfunction, leading to symptoms like weight gain, bloating, and headaches.


Dr. Amit Kalyanji Saiya utilizes biofeedback to identify intolerant foods and recommends eliminating them from the diet until symptoms subside. 



The Independence

This therapy targets addictive behavior to substance use, including drugs. Administered in a single session, it eliminates dependence, with 28-day support for monitoring and intervention if needed.


This intervention effectively addresses dependencies on substances like tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or anything in the way of independence. 


Prati Rakṣaḥ

The Inhimmunizer

Named by combining "Inhibitor" and "Immunizer," is a drug-free treatment that combines Àcqua therapy and Energy Medicine to create a customized genetic response against pathogens and their variants.


This innovative approach offers better protection, faster recovery, and increased resistance to infections, all without the use of conventional drugs and with no reported side effects.

Post-treatment, the foundation offers
an ample period of support to sustain the
outcomes of the therapeutic interventions.
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