Guidance & advice for the harmonie of the body mind & soul 

Harmonie Therapy is the art and science of healing through the human energy system. It integrates

intuitive wellness with alternate & complementary therapies using a holistic approach to wellness.

Dr Amit Kalyanji Saiya, a Practising Physician - Energy Medicine & Medical Intuitive, founded the Body Mind & Soul

Clinic in 2004 offering ' Harmonie therapy ' with the primary goal to encourage wellness care clients, to connect

with the issues that are preventing them from  having the life and health, they desire. Once so connected

the Physician involves the wellness care client in finding ways to facilitate their healing process.

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Harmonie therapies offered

What happens in a

Harmonie therapy session ?

The  Physician - Energy Medicine reads the body both energetically and physically to link all the pieces of information together in such a way that he can provide a comprehensive analysis of the wellness care clients state of health and overall well-being .


Through the use of his intuitive skills, the Physician - Energy medicine reads the energy for the purpose of inquiring 


- where energetic imbalances are occurring in the  wellness dimensions - Social, Physical, Environmental, Medical , Nutritional, Spiritual, Psychological and emotional, Behavioural and intellectual, Occupational, Financial

- determining their origin


- clarifying what is triggering the imbalances


- identifying how these imbalances are affecting  the physical body


 - analyzing all the parts of the body that are being affected


 - determining what needs to be done to restore energetic and physical balance.

Having done so the Physician - Energy Medicine encourages / advices  the wellness care client to seek the most expedient course to accelerate the healing process

.The Physician may use one or many , singly or in combination, alternative and or complementary medicine therapies to arrive at complete wellness for the client. .

# All the human dimensions as mentioned above are interconnected. No dimension stands alone. Each dimension is related to others in different ways and to different degrees. A change in one dimension will likely affect other domains. This means that if the client make a positive change in one domain, they may experience a positive effect in another without even making an effort. 

Other therapies offered 

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Food Intolerance

Study & therapy

Energy placement


Substance Dependence 

Removal therapy 

Selective memory

erasure therapy 

Dr Amit Kalyanji Saiya 

Pioneer in the field of Energy Medicine 

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