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At the Energy medicine research Foundation we practice Ātmī healing . 

Ātmī healing suggests that the soul possesses an inherently complete essence, independent of external factors. This means that the essence of the soul is whole and self-sustaining, not reliant on outside influences for its existence or completeness. 

We focus on reconnecting with this essence, promoting balance and well-being. By aligning with this inner essence, individuals experience profound healing on mental, emotional, and spiritual levels, leading to inner peace and fulfillment. By acknowledging and nurturing this inherent wholeness, individuals can overcome feelings of fragmentation, insecurity, and disconnection, fostering a sense of inner harmony and completeness. Ātmī healing emphasizes the importance of recognizing and aligning with the true nature of the self for holistic well-being and healing.

Ātmī healing was founded and developed by Dr Amit Kalyanji Saiya in 2003.

The human cell / soul  with seven layers of the aura

the àCqua therapy 
& manageable diseases / disorders 

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