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What is energy medicine?

Energy medicine is a holistic approach to healing that integrates contemporary therapies with traditional healthcare, focusing on the human energy system. It considers physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects as interconnected contributors to overall health and well-being.
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Energy Medicine
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"Your memories shape your thoughts.
Your thoughts shape you. 


We change your cell memory and genetic code to set you on a journey of self discovery and transformation"

- Dr. Amit Kalyanji

Ātmī Healing 

Ātmī (soul) healing believes the essence of the soul is whole and self-sustaining, not reliant on outside influences for its existence or completeness.


We focus on reconnecting with this essence, promoting balance and well-being. By aligning with this inner essence, individuals experience profound holistic healing leading to inner peace and fulfillment.

How it works

Our process involves harnessing the natural synchronization of vibrational energies between bodies to promote healing and balance.


The human body's cells resonate with vibrations akin to strings at varying frequencies. Aligning lower resonances with higher ones, facilitating a reset of cellular memory.


By aligning the client's resonance with a stronger vibrational frequency, Ātmī healing aims to promote a state conducive to holistic well-being and healing.

Ādyā Healing

Ādyā healing, founded by Dr. Amit Kalyanji in 2003, underscores the interconnectedness of mental, emotional, and physical health, highlighting how adverse thoughts and emotions can contribute to discomfort and illness. Excessive indulgence in any form fosters adverse thoughts, and adverse cellular memory creating deep - seated subconscious blocks.

Ādyā healing works on clearing these blocks to create a more stable and balanced foundation to begin the journey of self discovery and transformation. 

How it works

Dr. Amit helps people change at a deep, subconscious level through entrainment and provides compassionate guidance through live sessions.


This process promotes significant changes in behavior and emotions, helping individuals overcome fears and misconceptions of the mind and body.


By recognizing our natural self-sufficiency, we can adjust our thoughts and actions, develop greater awareness, and achieve true holistic well-being.

Walk the road
to profound
holistic healing

Meet with us in person in Chennai or remotely via an online video call.

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