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Smriti marjita

This memory erasure technique has been practised by Dr.Amit for 13 years now. Supporting patients to move on from traumatic life experiences.

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Understanding Smriti marjita

People undergo traumatic experiences in their lifetime that continue to haunt them in their daily lives. A small or big disturbing experience can alter the body’s cellular functioning. Association of that memory to present experiences, further deteriorates cellular functioning.

Smriti marjita, aims to erase memories that no longer serve the patient. The process of memory erasure is seamless and does not have any side effects. The memories are erased without any harm or effect to the connected memories.


Dr.Amit utilises his mystical healing powers, to erase a specific memory from the patient’s mind. The therapy is carried out such that neither related memories are disturbed and nor is there a void felt in the mind for the specific memory.

The patient’s physical, mental, environmental, circumstantial and spiritual being is completely assessed, before the erasure therapy is administered. The process is undertaken after gaining consent from the patient and a 28-day support is provided post therapy, to ensure the prevention of memory recurrence.

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