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This therapy focuses on the restoration of a specific diseased area’s cells. Developed by Dr Amit Kalyanji in 2019, to treat genetic and acquired physical ailments.

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How it works

The patient's specific cellular and tissue environment is assessed by the physician using Anunada’s biofeedback mechanism. This biofeedback helps the physician develop a personalised vibration therapy that is transferred to plain drinking water - remotely.

Once the water is consumed at a given time and dosage, it is absorbed by the body and delivered precisely to the affected site, ensuring minimal disruption to surrounding tissues.

The vibrations carried in the water, either stimulate the body's natural repair mechanisms or directly repair the diseased cells by correcting genetic defects and/or rectifying dysfunctional cellular processes. Additionally, the vibrations carried in the water create a supportive micro-environment to facilitate the restoration of the cell’s healthy functioning.

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