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Āhāra amarṣa

Is a 3 month food elimination diet plan that treats inflammation, metabolic dysfunction, and headaches, amongst other diseases.

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Understanding Āhāra amarṣa

Due to various reasons like poor nutrition, stressful lifestyles and/or emotional stress, our digestive system starts to malfunction. It loses the ability to decipher foods correctly and starts to reject certain foods or lose the ability to absorb the nutrition in certain foods. This leads to improper digestion and snowballs into other illnesses..


Dr.Amit uses his ability to connect with a patient’s energy field to assess the foods that are being rejected or mislabelled by the patient’s digestive system. Thereon, a chart is prepared which indicates which foods to eliminate from the diet for a period of 1 - 3 months.

During the phase of the elimination diet, the patient’s digestive system resets itself to its natural state, and in some severe cases, we also provide additional apa healing to support the process. Once renewed, Dr.Amit creates a plan to reintroduce the foods slowly, enabling the patient to return to their normal food habits.

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