Dr Amit Kalyanji Saiya 
His mission statement 
Year 2004
at the Body Mind
and soul Clinic 

His mission as a Physician ,Energy Medicine is to help transform wellness care by empowering the Wellness Care Client to acquire the tools needed to create and maintain optimal health and well-being.


For the last fourteen years  he has been working to change medicine from within and without. He has been assisted in this endeavor by Mrs Mangalamba Varma who trained under him . Mrs Mangalamba Varma  has been  a Co - Researcher & Facilitator at the foundation from 2008 to 2015 and instrumental in establishing the various protocols involved in the  modalities and therapy procedures offered by the foundation at the Body Mind & Soul Clinic 


Dr Saiya starts with the intention to help the Wellness care client create good long-term physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health, and not simply suppress symptoms.


He works with them closely to discover the roots of their illness or dis-ease and fully engages them in their own healing process. This requires a new model of collaboration between Wellness Care Clients and physician.


The ancient root of the word "doctor" means "teacher". He guides the Wellness Care Clients to unravel the threads of their dis–ease / dis-comfort while learning how to care for their body, mind and soul.


He is honored to continue to care for new and established Wellness Care Clients at his exclusive private practice in Chennai, Tamil Nadu India.

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