The New questions to ask your physician

When ever i went to my Physician I would always feel the need to ask these questions.Asking these questions would give me more insight into my health Problems and help me treat myself as there is more to treatment than just medicine.

1. If I don't have any symptoms, how are you going to keep me healthy?
2. How would you treat me if you didn't have your prescription pad?
3. How are you going to find and treat the cause of my disease, not just the symptoms?
4. Will changing my food habits and life style contribute to healing me faster?
5. Do you keep records of the treatment prescribed you to me ?

Ponder over the above these questions ,i am sure that you will realize that these were the questions you always wanted to ask but never did.So do ask them the next time you visit a Physician or a therapist.

I always encourage people coming to me for holistic treatment to ask these questions

- Dr Amit Kalyanji Saiya