Do precious stones,semi precious stones,natural stones and crystals have a healing effect?

Yes they do have a healing effect.In the course of a Harmoniesation procedure for a client/patient i do get a strong indication that healing stones are needed to bring back the Harmony between the physical,mental,emotional and spiritual aspects of the client patient or just the reverse the client / patient has to stop wearing a stone already in his/her possession have prescribed stones for the client / patient to good effect.


Sometimes the stones which are indicated in a dowsing procedure are very rare or never heard of.I then proceed to find the best stones in the highest and best interest of the client /patient.Within a maximum of 21 days i have received positive feed back from the client / patient that the subtle energies of the stone have opened doors earlier difficult to pry open,new paths have come forth.


I have tried to answer a few questions which i am sure would come up to the inquisitive Readers mind.Questions as to what subtle energy means,their effects,the spectrum of influence and how it aids personal take the time to read on.

- Dr Amit Kalyanji Saiya