Dr Amit Kalyanji Saiya 
My mission statement 
Year 2004
at the Body Mind
and Soul Clinic 

My mission as a Physician ,Energy Medicine is to help transform wellness care by empowering my wellness care client to acquire the tools needed to create and maintain optimal health and well-being.


For the last fourteen years I have been  working to change medicine from within and without. I have been assisted in this endeavor by Mrs Mangalamba Varma who trained under me. Mangalamba Varma  has since been  a Co - Researcher &  Facilitator foundation from 2008 to 2015 and instrumental in establishing the various protocols involved in the  modalities and therapy procedures offered by the foundation at the Body Mind & Soul Clinic 


I start with the intention to help the Wellness care client create good long-term physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health, and not simply suppress symptoms.


I work with them closely to discover the roots of their illness or dis-ease and fully engage them in their own healing process. This requires a new model of collaboration between my wellness care client and me - the physician.


The ancient root of the word "doctor" means "teacher".I guides the Wellness Care Clients to unravel the threads of their dis–ease / dis-comfort while learning how to care for their body, mind and soul.


I am honored to continue to care for new and established Wellness Care Clients at my exclusive private practice at the Body Mind & Soul Clinic in Chennai, Tamil Nadu India.

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