My family says I am addicted to salt . Am I ?

I need extra salt in all that i eat . My family says I am addicted to it . I say i am not addicted to salt . I have a hunger for salt but it is controlled by my body like my thirst controls my intake of water . When my body is depleted of salt my salt hunger kicks in telling me to seek it out and eat more of it to replace what i have lost.

Salt is unlike my other taste receptors . If i eat too much salt my taste receptors will revolt  giving me a signal of distaste that the salt is now too salty. This does not happen with my sweet taste receptors  - they do not revolt telling me that my sweet taste receptors are now too sweet. In fact sugar not salt - is the likely addictive addictive white crystal.

I feel good about giving into my salt hunger as its telling me that i need more salt so that i balance my internal salty sea  which is required to maintain optimum health .

- Dr Amit Kalyanji Saiya