Get a second opinion from a new and emerging model of medicine

It is imperative that in todays times when we use medications WAY too much and a lot of times unnessasarily.Health care is pulled and shaped by many forces by drug companies looking for profits;and by stressed, overworked physicians who barely have time to talk to you before writing a prescription or packing you off to a specialist It is at these times we need to get a second opinion, one based on a new and emerging model of medicine that seeks to understand why people get sick in the first place, a medical approach designed to support and create health, rather than to only treat the symptoms.

This model, call it integrative medicine, functional medicine, molecular, genomic, nutritional medicine or harmonie therapy is based on fundamentally different assumptions, seeks different information in assessing disease and uses innovative tools that enhance the body's healing system. It is personalized medicine. 

The old model teaches that all people with a disease of the same name are identical and must be assessed and treated exactly the same way. It is clear cut, black and white. But the reality of a body's complex biology and the interaction between its genes and the environment is very different from person to person.The complex chronic illnesses that affect people and account for all the major leading causes of death and disability do not fall neatly into that model.

Because of my own health crisis, I was forced to find a new road, to discover new concepts and principles which formed the basics of Harmonie Therapy that helped me heal from chronic fatigue syndrome. I have honed my skills in applying this new medicine to my patients over the last 14 years to surprisingly positive results .

- Dr Amit Kalyanji Saiya